Evje’s farm has 20 hectares of agricultural land that produces heritage grains, vegetables and herbs.

We are continually seeking to expand our knowledge base, so that we may maintain the fertility of our food soil. We select our crops carefully to suit organic farming techniques, promote variation, taste great, have high nutrient density and the ability to grow well in our particular conditions.

Heritage Grains

We supply Økologisk Spesialkorn’s mill in Sigdal with heritage grains – spelt, emmer and einkorn, as well as land varieties of rye, wheat and barley.

Evje Gård Grønnsaker

In 2019, vegetable gardener Ole Vardenær Olsen took over Evje Gård Grønnsaker.
This coming season his produce will be sold at the Sigdal Mill shop and at various local farmer’s markets. During the growing season (May – October) you can also order from him directly at:

Why Organic Farming?

For us, organic farming means using cultivation methods aligned with the organic carbon-based life cycle that is the basis of all life on our planet. Using the sun’s energy, plants convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen (photosynthesis). The plants trade glucose & starch with the microorganisms in the soil in exchange for minerals and other nutrients. This process is vital for building and regenerating fertile soil and for producing healthy, nutritious plants.

Our job as farmers is to cultivate the soil to maintain a high humus content with a rich amount of life. In this way, the plants in symbiosis with the life in the soil, can do what they are best at – providing optimal and complete nutrition in the right place at the right time.


In organic cultivation, chemical fertilisers and pesticides are not used because they acidify the soil and short-circuit the organic carbon-based life cycle. These fertilisers supply easily soluble macro-nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) directly to the plants. However, the importance of the soil & soil processes are ignored. This results in a lack of micro-nutrients and trace elements for the plants, and degeneration of the soil. The pesticides kill unwanted pests, but also they kill the most necessary and productive workers in agriculture, the microbes, the insects that assist in pollination and other beneficial organisms that are vital for healthy plants & soil.