Evje Gård Organic Culture Centre offers a nourishing combination of rustic comfort and the immediate presence of stunningly nature. Evje Gård Grønnsaker’s tasty and nourishing produce is served at our retreats and seminars. Throughout Evje’s history there have been workshops and seminars within the fields of organic farming, health, holistic lifestyles and personal development. Follow and like this page for updates on courses and retreats: www.facebook.com/evjegaard

The Rainbow Light Warriors Lodge

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The Lodge offers year programs and retreats for those who want to experience and explore the knowledge of The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

This ancient mystery school guides us, through time-proven practices and techniques, to discover deep insights into our naturalness, and to find a balanced connection in alignment with the natural world.

For further information and to register: www.rainbow-light-warriors.no

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