Mikkelstjenn Eco Hamlet

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Living Soil 2010 – 2019

In cooperation with the Governor of Buskerud County we initiated and contributed to the research for an ecological pioneer project concerning soil processes and soil structure.
The project was called “Living Soil” and was aimed at finding new cultivation methods to enhance biological soil quality and stimulate microbiology in food soil.

As part of the ‘Living Soil’ project we made a “how to make a basic compost” movie. This compost can also be used to create compost tea or aerobic compost culture.

Our bee family

In 2015 we began our relationship with honey bees. It has been, and still is, both challenging and rewarding to learn bee-keeping, and we consider ourselves blessed to have knowledgable local mentors generously guiding us. Thanks to this guidance we have an abundance of delicious honey to keep us sweet.

Økologisk Spesialkorn

In 2004 Anders and our neighbour farmer Ole Gulsvik co-founded Økologisk Spesialkorn DA, an organic farm-based mill and seed-grain business, specialising in heritage grains. The business expanded and in 2008 they started Økologisk Spesialkorn Skandinavia AS together with 8 other local farmers. The company is based at a local mill in Sigdal and sells grains and flour products all over the country. They also have a webshop for direct sales to customers.

Økologisk Spesialkorn Skandinavia AS is the first company approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority as a seed producer of conservation-worthy varieties of grain in Norway. Their goal is to ensure that farmers and consumers can enjoy a variety of heritage cereal grains now and in the future.

Web shop: www.spesialkorn.no