Evje Gård Organic Culture Centre

About 20 years ago Anders and Nicola moved from Oslo to Evje Gård in Sigdal to establish a culture centre around an organic farm based on ecological sustainability. They brought in professionals and experts to give workshops and seminars within the fields of organic farming, health, holistic lifestyles and personal development. As they gained in their own knowledge and experience they began to run projects and hold courses at the farm, with participants and students from Norway and abroad. Over the years many interns and agro-ecology students have lived and worked on the farm, for shorter or longer periods of time. Numerous others have participated in courses for personal development and leadership. This process has led to our Organic Culture Centre as it is today.

Anders Næss has an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and a Master’s degree in ecological economy from Nord University. He is also educated in music and theatre arts. In 1994 he began his training in personal development and leadership through The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS). Anders combines his knowledge of economy, ecology and leadership in his role as manager for various projects on the farm and outside. He is a popular public speaker and has created unique and entertaining seminars that combine ecology and his music.

Nicola Samad grew up in London and was educated in the theatre arts as an actor, director and dramaturge. In 1995, she moved to Norway and worked both in the theatre and film. In 1999 she established her company Chimera and began her personal development and leadership training with the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society (DTMMS). At present, Nicola manages our Culture Centre and applies her knowledge and long experience teaching our personal development and leadership retreats and yoga courses.