Our vision for Mikkelstjenn Økogrend is a climate neutral and ecologically sustainable hamlet of 20-25 self-owned housing plots, linked to Evje’s farm and the Organic Culture Centre.
This project is a result of thorough research and preparation to find a human cohabitation system that will allow residents a freedom of housing choice, within a mutually beneficial framework to provide autonomous and long-term sustainability.
The approved location of the hamlet is in south facing woodland to the northeast of the farm, with magnificent and inspiring views of Lake Soneren and Andersnatten mountain.

As an integral part of the community in Sigdal, there are plenty of opportunities for the hamlet’s residents to work from home, or from the Centre’s facilities, start new ventures, collaborate together, or with already established local businesses. For example, residents will be entitled to rent agricultural land from the farm that is already approved by Debio (The Norwegian organic certification organisation). There are many possibilities open for the imagination.

We are reaching out to those of you who desire to take an active part in planning and realizing your home and lifestyle quality surrounded by the natural beauty of Mikkelstjenn Økogrend.

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