Mikkelstjenn Økogrend is a pilot initiative to promote living in harmony with our environment, rooted in strong sustainability and a meaningful increase of self-sufficiency.

A modern eco hamlet comprising twenty freehold housing plots with an environmentally friendly infrastructure, and opportunities for collaboration with Evje Gård Organic Culture Center.

Downsize and upgrade

A fulfilling way of life…

Mikkelstjenn Økogrend has been developed from extensive research with the aim of facilitating a lifestyle that promotes mutual benefit and welfare while safeguarding individual autonomy.


Just under two hours Northwest of Oslo, Norway, Mikkelstjenn Økogrend is idyllically situated in the forest valley of Sigdal County. The hamlet has beautiful views of Lake Soneren and the majestic mountain, Andersnatten.

Close to Norefjell mountain range and Trillemarka Nature reserve there is ample opportunity to go hiking, fishing, kayaking, skiing, or just relax on the beaches nearby.

Building your dream home

Keeping climate-neutrality and sustainability in mind, plot owners may design and build their own homes.

If you desire, we can recommend the services of Mikkelstjenn Økogrend’s consultants Rolf Jacobsen from Gaia Arkitektene ( and Bjørn Olav Leer from Lyhytta (

They have comprehensive and extensive experience in designing Co2 neutral housing solutions, such as natural ventilation for an optimal indoor climate and solar production of energy for electricity and heating.

There are many areas for creative collaboration and business ideas.

Whether you are a remote worker, a commuter, would like to run your own business, or dream of small farm life, Mikkelstjenn offers the environment for you to do so.

For example:
– rent a Debio-approved organic field from Evje Gård for vegetable gardens or livestock husbandry
– create social spaces, such as a shared office, kindergarten, gym, treatment centre, workshop, gallery, brewery etc.

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