Silent days


Need a breather?
Want to be more present in your everyday life and stress less?
Is it difficult to get started with a change, or stick to changes you have made?

…then this is the weekend for you!

During this weekend we will learn about stress, presence and mindfulness and through simple physical exercises we will contact the body and breath and strengthen our presence in what is. It is not necessary to have any previous knowledge to participate, but if you have it can be an opportunity to gain new inspiration and depth.

This is a weekend without reading, listening to music or using your mobile. It is unusual at first, but it is an opportunity to be with ourselves and our thoughts, feelings and experiences. The exercises and community will strengthen each individual to be with what is in the moment. Saturday we will not talk, instead we will be together in silence, do exercises and experience nature. We will break the silence together after breakfast on Sunday and share our “experience” with each other.

Organic vegetarian meals & tea and fruit for our breaks will be provided.

This retreat has place for 12 participants

About Kari Margrethe Kepple:

  • Clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing
  • Government approved supervisor (NSF)
  • Advanced training in family therapy
  • Master in Mental Health Care
  • Practicing Qi Gong and mindfulness

Kari Margrethe works as a lecturer at University College in Oslo and Akershus in interdisciplinary training in mental health. She is interested in Mindfulness and personal growth.


For further information & registration: 
Mobile: 928 927 13