Why Organic?

We employ organic agricultural methods because we aspire to learn from and work together with Nature, that is, with all forms of Life.

Healthy soil & plants, just like animals & humans, require a wide variety of substances for their complete nutrition and an environment that promotes their well being.

We combine traditional and modern organic cultivation practices to improve soil fertility & plant health.
These methods have been chosen for 4 main reasons:

  • to promote the microbiological life in the humus layer of soil where plants grow, to ensure that the crops give an optimal yield
  • to not contaminate the ground water or the surrounding streams & rivers, thus preserving the life in them
  • to prioritize the good health of those who work at the farm, as well as for those who eat our produce
  • to maintain the soil’s fertility for those who come after us; it is our desire that future generations may also have the gift of good health which comes from nutritious food & clean, fresh water.


For further information on this subject go to our Projects page: Living Soil