Organic Agriculture

For us, here at Evje Gård, organic agriculture starts with cultivating the soil, especially the micro-life in the soil.
Over the years, experience has shown that plants cultivated in healthy, fertile soil will be abundant, nutritious and delicious – perfectly designed by Nature to maintain, sustain & enhance the health of the animals and humans that eat them.

A healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy & nutritious food for both animals and humans.

The vegetable garden has expanded over the years, and now thanks to our garden manager, Floor Franken, it presently produces a bounty of food for us who live here & the many guests that come to our workshops, retreats & seminars for the best part of the year.  
Floor is also the founder of Evje Gård Grønnsaker – where locals are offered fresh, organic vegetables each week throughout the growing season, and she is currently delivering to a couple of organic restaurants in Oslo, also. 

If you would like to sign up for weekly fresh vegetables, send an email to: or follow us on Facebook:

In the larger picture we are working towards sustaining our shared environment, promoting ecological balance and encouraging biodiversity.

We are committed to expanding our knowledge, experience & skills to find ways to improve, restore & care for the fertility and health of soil, and thereby the plants that are grown in it. This includes using seeds that are created through natural selection in the fields, (land races). This method of working with nature to produce the most viable seeds has been employed by farmers over the last 10.000 years.
Commercially, we grow spelt, emmer, einkorn, rye, wheat, barley, oats, peas and beans.

Økologiske Spesialkorn AS

In 2008, Anders, together with a group of 10 other organic & biodynamic grain farmers founded Økologiske Spesialkorn AS. They have their own local modern stone mill to grind the corn so that the nutritional value is kept at its optimum.

Økologiske Spesialkorn AS is the first company to be an approved seed producer for conservation worthy grains in Norway. Their aim is to make sure that farmers and consumers have access and the opportunity to enjoy a variety of classical grains in the future.
It is possible to buy their grain & flour online from:

Our present field cultivation method

At present we have no domestic livestock here at Evje and therefore our cultivation method is mainly based on “green fertilizer”, that is, plants… apart from the generous offerings left by the local wildlife as they come and go in the fields.

We implement a method of crop rotation, plus the sowing of green fertilizer under the main crop that will provide the nutrition for the following years crop.
Every 3 – 4 years within the crop rotation plan, there is a “green fertilizing year”. This is a year for the soil in a particular field to rest & rejuvenate. No crops are sown, instead, at midsummer, when the soil is warm, we use a spading machine to deeply loosen up the soil and sow a combination of vetches & legumes that have a positive effect on the soil structure.

Living Soil Project

In 2010 we became involved with a soil fertility project financed by the Norwegian Agricultural Authority to research into methods to re-introduce microbiological life into soil that has been depleted by industrial farming practices.

For more information about this project, please go to our projects page.